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  • Just drink tap water.
  • Filtering your tap water with a high quality ‘under the sink’ water filter can cost as little as 2 cents a litre. Bottled water costs up to $2.50 a litre. Filter jugs can also be bought at major supermarkets, but they remove less impurities than ‘under the sink’ models.
  • Every year, millions of European carbonated water bottles are imported into Australia, causing damage to the environment and our wallets. A cheaper alternative is to filter your home tap water and then carbonate it with a Sodastream.
  • Always ask for tap water or filtered water when you’re in a restaurant.
  • If you are organising a local event, arrange to put on free water to minimise the need for people to bring bottled water to the event.
  • Lobby your local council to maximise the number of public bubblers in your local area and ensure that they are all working.
  • Councils - consider banning bottled water at events and council functions and follow the lead of city authorities like Manly Council in Sydney, Los Angeles and San Francisco in North America.
  • Corporations -  give your staff a reusable water bottle complete with your logo on it, and help save the environment and promote your corporate social responsibility credentials at the same time.
  • Schools -  arrange for free tap water or filtered water to be made available in resuable bottles instead of bottled water at your canteen.
  • Buy a reusable bottled for when you're going out and about in a car, on foot or on public transport, picnic etc.

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