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The Drinking Water Profiteers - Bottled Water Syndrome

Posted: 30.03.10   |   Created by: Joseph Nevins

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Associate Professor Joseph Nevins, of Vassar College, writes about water as a public good.[+]

Water everywhere, but not a drop worth bottling

Posted: 23.03.09   |   Created by: Danny Katz

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Sydney Morning Herald and The Age columnist Danny Katz throws a humorous light on bottled water consumption.[+]

Bottled environmental damage

Posted: 05.12.08   |   Created by: Jeff Angel

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Bottled water is an unjustified luxury, simply a fashion statement roaming free of environmental responsibility[+]


Posted: 25.11.08   |   Created by: Elizabeth Royte

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Bottled water is often no better than tap water and its environmental and social costs are high[+]

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