Bottled water is an environmental menace and, when you consider all the facts, a sheer waste of money.

Bottled water hurts the hip pocket. Financially, it just doesn’t make sense - some media commentators have gone so far as to call it a con. This year, Australians will spend half a billion dollars on bottled water. Every time a consumer buys bottled water, they are being price gouged. The charge for one litre of bottled water is up to 2,500 times the cost of tap water.

The increase in bottled water’s popularity has also given rise to major environmental problems. For one thing, Australia is drowning in a sea of plastic bottles, which create massive amounts of landfill and litter our streets. And significant resources are needed to bottle, transport and refrigerate water, especially if that water is imported from overseas.

The manufacture of bottles for water squanders a non-renewable resource - oil. The road and air miles generated by transporting bottled water are a significant generator of greenhouse gases. The refrigeration needed for bottled water also causes emissions. And bottled spring water can sometimes put unsustainable pressure on natural aquifers.

From a quality point of view, Australians are able to drink some of the best tap water in the world. But where people are unsure of their local tap water quality, switching to filtered tap water is an environmental and financial win-win for everyone.

Read more of the facts on bottled water.

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