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Major Australian university bans bottled water across entire campus



The University of Canberra is banning bottled water across its entire campus. It is the first Australian University to do so and it’s the biggest ban of its kind to date.

Waverley's beaches are dry this summer, but you can quench your thirst at our new bubblers



Waverley Mayor Sally Betts says this year's 'My Bondi Summer' campaign will focus on providing extra cleaning crews, water refill stations and recycling bins at our beaches and parks.
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Waverley winning the war against plastic litter



As part of its war against bottled water litter, Waverley Council has installed a number of hi-tech bubblers at its popular beaches in Bondi and Bronte.

Major Sydney school bans bottled water, 'does a Bundanoon'



In a first for an Australian high school, Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney will today ban bottled water and launch the water stations that helped Bundanoon, NSW, ban bottled water in a world-first exactly one year ago.

Public called on to "do a Bundanoon" and ban bottled water in their daily lives



It's now one year since the township of Bundanoon stopped the sale of bottled water in its retail outlets. To celebrate this, the action group Do Something! is calling on Australians to drink tap water instead of bottled water. It's also calling on Councils to put more water bubblers back on our streets.

Are consumers being ripped off by the bottled water industry?



The action group Do Something! is launching a public campaign to find Australia's most expensive bottled water. The organisation's spot-check of bottled water prices found one brand that was ten times more expensive than petrol.

Brigadoon Festival goes bottled water free



Brigadoon, Australia's largest Scottish festival, goes bottled water free in 2010. Taking place this Saturday 17 April in the NSW Southern Highlands township of Bundanoon, the event attracts 15,000 visitors annually and is believed to be the largest event in Australia to go bottled water free.

Bundanoon goes Bottle Water Free



On Saturday 26 September 2009, Bundanoon, in the picturesque Highlands of NSW, was the first town in Australia, if not the world, to officially go bottled water free, after the town overwhelmingly voted for a ban in July 2009 creating a global media sensation.

Bundy-on-Tap diary note



On Saturday 26 September 2009, Bundanoon will be the first town in Australia, if not the world, to officially go bottled water free, after the town overwhelmingly voted for a ban in July 2009 creating a global media sensation.

Bundanoon town meeting votes to ban bottled water



The NSW Southern Highlands town of Bundanoon has voted to become Australia's first town to ban bottled water. The town meeting last night saw 355 people vote in favour of a total ban. Only one person voted against.

Oh bubbler, where art thou?



With summer underway, the near extinction of public water bubblers is turning Australian cities into a Sahara for parched pedestrians. It’s also creating environmental damage due to unnecessary bottled water purchases.

Bottled Water Alliance launches Australia’s first filtered water bubblers



From today, the millions of people who visit Manly every year will be able to drink free of charge filtered water that is as good if not better than the bottled water being sold in shops.

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