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Wyndham City Council goes green

Posted: 06.10.10   |   Created by: Do Something


The Wyndham City Council has equipped the council staff with SIGG reusable drink bottles to reduce the use of bottled water. [+]

Arqua Station

Posted: 16.10.09   |   Created by: Do Something


Street Furniture Australia has designed the Arqua Station, a new generation drinking fountain, inspired by its partnership with Go Tap.[+]

Bundanoon, NSW

Posted: 28.09.09   |   Created by: Do Something


On Saturday 26 September Bundanoon was the first town in Australia, if not the world, to officially go bottled water free, after the town overwhelmingly voted for a ban in July 2009.[+]

Corinna Wilderness Experience

Posted: 06.08.09   |   Created by: Garry Sullivan, General Manager


Corinna Wilderness Experience is an eco resort located on the West Coast of Tasmania in the Tarkine rainforest. We encourage the use of reusable water bottles, so we can keep our environment pristine and plastic-free.[+]

San Francisco City Council

Posted: 15.06.09   |   Created by: Do Something


Despite owning a pristine reservoir in the Sierra Nevada that is said to produce some of the country's best-tasting tap water, the city of San Francisco was spending nearly $500,000 a year on bottled water.[+]

E-Book on Manly Council's successful water fountains

Posted: 21.05.09   |   Created by: Do Something

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In May councils around Australia were sent information about Manly Council's successful water fountain case study. The information comes in the form of an E-Book that has been made available to view online here. A pdf version is also available for download. [+]

Westpac Banking Corporation

Posted: 07.05.09   |   Created by: Do Something

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Westpac has been a strong advocate for early action on climate change.[+]

Manly Council

Posted: 27.11.08   |   Created by: Do Something

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Manly Council has joined Go Tap to launch an Australia-wide campaign that aims to reduce the environmental impact of bottled water....[+]

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